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Custom Stained Glass and Restoration Services


Rick Becker  |  9/15/2012


I am a large general contractor serving the Chicagoland area. I utilize Radina glass for restoration projects large and small. On this particular project I used his services in downtown Chicago. Communication was always good and the quality was always top notch.  The job went very well. I will use Mark again

Radina Glass Studio created a stained glass hallway mirror.  The mirror is perfect, it is exactly how we planned it out. It was also delivered 4 days early!


Steve Borg  |  10/3/2011

He came over and did sketches for the items that I wanted.  Let me look at studio to find exactly what i wanted (i.e. glass colors).  He made me three light fixtures, a new kitchen window, and a ten glass inserts for cabinets.He installed everything.  I am extremely happy with all his work. I have used him multiple times.


He was prompt and very professional. I would use him again without question. HE'S AWESOME!!!!


Patricia Collins  |  11/21/11


We had just finished a custom remodel in our kitchen. After the window treatments were finished, the "half moon" portions above the windows were bare, with the sun blasting through with harsh consequences. We decided on stained glass. But after weeks of searching countless web sites and finding nothing but uninteresting"traditional" designs in sizes that wouldn't fit into the irregular dimensions of our windows, we finally turned to Mark.  Mark worked closely with us in the design of our windows, helping us choose colors and textures (yes, his glass work does have textures) that enhanced the contemporary beauty of our new kitchen. The result is nothing short of spectacular, and also, truly unique. We have since had him do a transom in our master bedroom and also the transom and side lights on our front door. We have him lined up for several other future projects.


Mark is a sensitive and insightful artist whose playful and spectacular creations will thrill us for many, many, years to come.


Bob Palmer  |  4/1/13

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Mark is a wonderful person and does gorgeous work!  He’s done 11 windows for me.  He gets highest praise from me, for sure!


Brigitte Doherty | 8/7/2018